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The rise of "followayfinder" from 100+ to #1 on Google Search!

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Discover SEO tips and transform your digital presence!

When it comes to the vast expanse of the internet, being seen is as crucial as being heard. Just a few months ago, the keyword term “followayfinder” was buried deep beyond the 100th position on Google, a place so remote it might as well have been invisible.

Fast forward to today, and it’s an entirely different story. This success story saw this underdog keyword soar to the #1 spot!

The Journey of Win

Exciting SEO results!

This email from Wincher (displayed above) was a welcomed surprise!

The climb began with a simple yet ambitious goal: to climb the Google rankings and make “followfinder” visible and prominent (or within the top 3 on Google Search).

I tackled this challenge head-on, armed with a powerful tool I found online, which I used for free (and no, I’m not affiliated). This tool was instrumental in peeling back the layers of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) mystery that had eluded me till then.

The learning curve was steep, but the rewards were beyond satisfying. As the weeks turned into months, the efforts started paying off, and the ranks kept climbing, proving that a strategic approach to SEO was vital to breaking through the digital noise.

Not Just a One-Hit Wonder

See, “followayfinder” wasn’t the only keyword in my arsenal. I was simultaneously juggling other terms like “blog content creation tools,” pushing them toward the top with a mixture of grit and strategic updates.

The “blog content creation tools” keyword directed users to an article titled “Blog Content Creation Tools To Supercharge Your Workflow,” a piece I recently decided to revamp by enhancing its SEO and stripping it from outdated references that no longer reflected my current focus.

Next Steps on the SEO Ladder

With the thrill of one victory behind me, the challenge continues. SEO is not a one-time deal but a continuous journey of adaptation and learning.

The next project? Speeding up the rise of “blog content creation tools” by updating my article “ Blog Content Creation Tools To Supercharge Your Workflow,” ensuring tags are optimized, and, perhaps more importantly, sharing these experiences with others on a similar path.

I’ll start by pulling out the E-Rank mentioned in the article because I’m now focusing on something other than print-on-demand (POD).

Join the Action

Are you wrestling with the intricacies of SEO? Or are you curious how these strategies can turn your invisible webpage into a top-ranking hit?

I encourage you to follow along on this journey. By subscribing to our newsletter, you’ll get firsthand insights and updates without any fluff—just pure content and real stories like the rise of “followfinder.”

Are you curious about more than SEO? Maybe you’d like a custom-printed teddy bear to keep you company while you pore over analytics and keyword strategies. Check out our latest fun venture here: Teddy Bears With Customized T-Shirts.

For those who want to dive deeper, the entire process and more detailed insights are shared in the original Twitter thread here. Give it a like or errr, heart?

Is it Twitter or X? Comment to share ^_^. If it’s X, then why rewrite/redirect to still? SEO?

Let’s Connect! Add me on Twitter/X.

Your digital presence matters and the possibilities are limitless with the right tools and strategies. Let’s turn those digital dreams into visible, searchable realities. Here’s to climbing the Google search ranks and setting a benchmark for others to aspire to!

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Featured image is from Unsplash.



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