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Why I Became a Friend of Medium

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With the launch of the “ Friend of Medium” campaign, digital content development and consumption have advanced recently. I was immediately fascinated by Medium’s announcement of this new membership tier because I love reading and writing. This is an additional financial support program for writers; the cost is higher than that of a Medium membership. Its straightforward but effective tenet is that readers can directly increase the revenue of their favorite writers by joining up and contributing more.

The “Friend of Medium” program attracted me because I believe Medium offers a lot of interesting and thought-provoking content, and I want to do more to help the creative minds that create these compelling stories. For someone who appreciates the power of the written word and community engagement, this program looks like the natural next step because it helps to establish a livelier and more dynamic literary culture on Medium. In addition, individuals who are interested in earning money from blogging could benefit greatly from the Friends of Medium program as more people sign up for it.

A Synopsis of the Medium Friends Initiative

“Friend of Medium” refers to a more advanced membership level on the Medium platform. One of the main features is a higher subscription fee that leads to significantly increased financial support for writers. Specifically, authors gain four times as much reading time from a “Friend of Medium” member as they do from a regular user. The program’s notable increase in income sharing, which promotes the creation of high-caliber content, is one of its key characteristics.

The initiative also enhances the community by providing users with a unique badge and the ability to share Friend Links, which unlocks paywalled content without restrictions. When combined, these elements fortify and connect the Medium ecosystem, offering more profound assistance and interaction for authors and readers alike.

My Individual Journey to Medium Friend Status


At first, I wasn’t sure about the “Friend of Medium” program. I realized its true worth when the subscription cost was increased. Would it genuinely enhance my experience and yield any notable advantages for the writers? As I read the Medium articles more closely, especially those by authors whose opinions and ideas resonated deeply with me, my perspective shifted.

As I read enlightening articles about everything from technology to personal development, I realized how much of an impact my help could have. Not only were these writers sharing content, but they were also giving back to the community by offering shrewd comments. Rather than just consuming content, I recognized that by taking part in this program, I would be actively cultivating a place that had become an indispensable part of my daily intellectual diet. This realization reinforced my decision to add Medium as a friend and my desire to give back to a platform that had helped me so much.

Impact on Writers and Content Quality

The “Friend of Medium” program is poised to influence the future landscape of Medium’s ecosystem significantly. In the long term, the program is expected to elevate the overall quality of content. With writers receiving elevated financial incentives, there’s a natural shift towards producing more thoughtful, well-researched, and engaging articles. This benefits the writers and enriches the readers’ experience, fostering a more informed and connected community.

For readers, the program enhances the value of their subscription, offering them a more profound sense of participation in the creative process. The feeling of directly contributing to the success of their favorite writers can foster a more loyal and active readership. This symbiotic relationship between readers and writers will likely strengthen the sense of community on Medium.

Moreover, the “Friend of Medium” model could set a precedent for other digital content platforms. This approach challenges the traditional reliance on advertising revenue and could inspire a shift towards more direct, reader-supported models. Such a change would benefit content creators and reshape how content is consumed and valued on the internet. In a landscape where quality often competes with quantity, this model prioritizes depth and value, potentially leading to a healthier, more sustainable environment for digital publishing.

Comparing Analytically with Standard Membership


There are some obvious advantages that the Friend of Medium membership offers over the standard membership, even with its higher subscription fee. The primary goal is to give writers significantly more financial assistance; Friends of Medium readers earn three times as much as normal members do. This substantial revenue boost for content creators is the main differential.

The Friend of Medium tier offers more community involvement and recognition than the regular membership, which just provides access to material and basic support. In addition, the Friend of Medium tier comes with special badges and access to exclusive features like Friend Links. These added benefits make the higher fee justified, especially for those who value superior writing and wish to contribute more to the Medium community.

Potential Repercussions for Medium Writers and Readers

The “Friend of Medium” initiative could have a substantial long-term impact on Medium’s environment. It sets the bar for a long-term business plan where creating excellent content is immediately rewarded, which can draw in more seasoned writers and produce a greater variety of articles. This idea could inspire similar initiatives on other content platforms, transforming the landscape of digital publication.

It challenges long-standing ad-based revenue models by giving writer pay more weight, and it might lead the online publication sector to shift toward more user-supported platforms.

Concluding Remarks

Examine the ground-breaking results of the “Friend of Medium” campaign, a platform that has fundamentally altered the way we engage with digital content. This special membership level gives writers financial support while also fostering a more supportive and collaborative community.

With the Friend of Medium program, writers are seeing a significant increase in income as the platform pays four times the regular rate for their work. This substantial financial incentive is changing the game for content providers, allowing them to focus more on quality and creativity. Richer, more engaging content is enjoyed by readers, and writers are paid more for their efforts. A win-win scenario exists.

Money is not the sole consideration, though. The program’s objective is to foster a community that values and promotes exceptional writing. It creates an atmosphere where writers are encouraged and feel appreciated, which results in a more vibrant and diverse selection of content. Medium is a unique platform where individuals can exchange ideas and stories in a way that goes beyond basic transactions because of this sense of community.

Moreover, an online publication standard is being established by the Friend of Medium effort. By letting users directly pay for excellent content, it offers a workable business plan that upends traditional ad-based revenue models. This could lead to similar actions being taken by other platforms, which could alter how digital content is shown.

This is your opportunity to go out on this transformative journey. When you become a Medium friend, you’re doing more than just using the site; you’re immersing yourself in a community that values and encourages exceptional writing. You are building a future in which well-written content enhances your everyday reading and writers are fairly compensated. Sign up for Medium Friend right away to participate in this exciting evolution of digital publishing.

Credits and References

This post expands on the concepts presented in Mr. Plan B’s “ Why You Should Become Friend of Medium” and was posted on Coinmonks on Medium. It is recommended that readers go through the original post to learn more about the benefits of the “Friend of Medium” program. Further insight can be gained from Alex Benzer’s essay “Become a Friend of Medium” on The Medium Blog, which offers a comprehensive overview of the platform. These articles serve as essential resources, providing background information and specifics on the program’s impact on Medium’s writer and reader communities.


FAQ for the “Friend of Medium” program:

To begin with, what is the “Friend of Medium” initiative? Better than its predecessor, Medium’s ‘Friend of Medium’ program offers consumers additional benefits like increased funding for authors.

  1. How is the ‘Friend of Medium’ program different from the standard Medium membership? ‘Friend of Medium’ program members receive distinctive badges and content sharing links in addition to a four-fold increase in writers’ revenues, which sets them apart from standard membership.

  2. How does the ‘Friend of Medium’ program assist writers? - By promoting the production of superior content, members of ‘Friend of Medium’ are able to contribute more money, which raises writers’ earnings.

  3. What additional benefits are available to ‘Friend of Medium’ subscribers? - Additional benefits include the ability to create and share Friend Links for any paywalled piece, a unique badge for their profile, and the assurance that they are providing writers with greater support.

  4. Can individuals who are ‘Friend of Medium’ members share Friend Links with those who are not members? - Writers are still compensated for these views, and “Friend of Medium” members can give non-members access to paywalled content by exchanging Friend Links with them.

  5. Is the extra monthly cost of the ‘Friend of Medium’ program worthwhile? - The additional cost offers a tangible way for readers who value great writing and wish to support creators more to support the Medium community and its writers.

  6. What is the ‘Friend of Medium’ program’s overall impact on Medium? - The program enhances the platform by fostering a more robust sense of community, endorsing content of superior quality, and offering writers more individualized help.

  7. Can the ‘Friend of Medium’ approach have an impact on other content platforms? - This strategy may inspire other online content platforms to adopt similar creator support schemes by setting the standard for user-supported platforms.

Remember that the ‘Friend of Medium’ program is not just a membership service; it’s an investment in the quality and longevity of digital content creation.

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