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Do You Feel Invisible on Medium? Here's How to Get Your Stories Seen and Boosted

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Have you ever felt like your voice is lost among the millions, merely whispering into the void of the internet?

You’re not alone. Many Medium writers experience this same feeling of invisibility, struggling to find their audience amidst a sea of content. But what if there was a clear path to being seen, heard, and appreciated on this expansive platform?

To solve this puzzle, we will discuss the elements of Medium’s Boost Nomination Pilot (BNP), a beacon of hope for writers yearning for visibility. Let’s explore how this initiative could be your gateway to reaching more readers, guided by answers to the most pressing questions shared by fellow writers.

What is the Boost Nomination Pilot, and What Makes a Story Eligible?

At the heart of Medium’s transformation is the Boost Nomination Pilot, a program designed to lift the stories of deserving writers through a human-centric approach. Instead of relying solely on algorithms, real people-editors from independent publications nominate stories for boosting. A story’s eligibility hinges on its adherence to Medium’s quality guidelines, emphasizing authenticity, engagement, and value to readers.

How Can Writers Collaborate with Multiple Publications in the BNP?

One of Medium’s strengths is its community. Writers are encouraged to engage with independent publications under the BNP, not limiting themselves to a single outlet. This collaboration enables writers to amplify their reach and adapt their voices to different audiences, maximizing their visibility across the platform.

Steps to Connect with BNP Participating Publications

Navigating the tides of BNP might seem daunting at first, but it’s more straightforward than it appears. Start by researching publications involved in the BNP listed on Medium’s blog. Reach out to these publications with a pitch that aligns with their themes and audience. Persistence and patience are key, as building relationships with editors takes time but can result in significant exposure.

Starting Your Own Publication on Medium: Benefits and Responsibilities

Consider starting your own if existing publications do not match your niche. Running a BNP publication allows you to nurture a specific community and become a curator, shaping the platform’s landscape. While this entails responsibility for maintaining high standards and supporting your authors, the rewards in reader engagement and community impact are substantial.

Ensuring Fairness and Diversity in Story Selection

Medium recognizes the potential biases in any human-led process and strives to mitigate these through diverse curation teams and continuous training. The goal is not just to boost stories but to ensure a wide array of voices are heard, reflecting the true diversity of its global community.

Pivoting From Invisibility to Impact

To emphasize, the feeling of shouting into the void on Medium doesn’t have to be a permanent state. Through the BNP and its supportive ecosystem, there’s a clear route to amplifying your voice. Engaging with this system-connecting with publications, starting your own, or understanding the curation process can transform your silent whispers into resonant stories that captivate and inspire.



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